StartupDorf is a local and entrepreneur-led network to foster startups and the whole startup eco-system in Düsseldorf.

A membership association, a startup hub and local community to access support to start and grow businesses. We promote innovative and growth-oriented startup companies and help to build a thriving entrepreneurial community with a positive impact on digital driven entrepreneurship in NRW.

We provide offline activities and events, deliver online resources, membership services and benefits.
Focus of our online platform: Information aggregation and startup promotion & pr.

A membership association for and from a group of entrepreneurs, domain experts, mentors, and investors who have created a network to grow the Düsseldorf startup community.
We want to connect with each other, create community around topics that we’re passionate about.

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We built a map to show Düsseldorf Startups and Startup Eco-System. Visibility for all this awesome ideas and products and anything else that is part of a vibrant startup community in one map.

We focus on companies in several categories. Most important category to us: Startups – web and tech startups from Düsseldorf. Other categories strives the whole startup eco-system, with Coworking Spaces, Accelerators, Incubators, VCs/Angels, Consulting Firms and Hackspaces. We believe that a vibrant startup community has a varied mixture, but is led by entrepreneurs and get support from the whole startup eco-system.

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The 1-min editing process is very simple. The service is free of charge and a good way to come in contact with us.

Founding a startup is hard enough. StartupDorf offers several benefits for startups, that makes founders’ life a bit easier. We help to connect with like-minded peer groups, increase the visibility of Düsseldorf Startups with aggregated online information, media and startup stories. If you are a startup, tell your story. Become a Member – read why (deutsch).

StartupDorf e.V. acts as a little facilitator for entrepreneurs to promote their businesses, to match the right people and help as an evolving organism to build a sustainable startup community. We reduce the effort for all the participants of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Düsseldorf to come in touch with each other, to work on projects that drives innovation.

Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem is driven by entrepreneurs, but impossible without the guiding help of local government, universities, investors, mentors, service providers and large companies. We offer to members of the startup ecosystem a Support Membership, that helps us to reduce our costs. If you belong to the group, please feel free to sign up and become a supporting member.

StartupDorf tries to provide for most of the participants engaging activities. We are for public and private initiatives that need support by StartupDorf – the common voice of startups from Düsseldorf. Feel free and get in touch with us. We are also inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in our activities and programs.

We provide a calendar with dates for events in Düsseldorf, that tries to give you an overview of all the meetups and events for members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

If there is a future event missing, please let us know and send us the event details.

An important role for our startup community comes to events. To be a vibrant community depends on the rate of continual activities that engage the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For this reason, we establish own regular activities and try to engage and support more people and organizations to develop own event formats. We are open to every kind of event cooperation in which members of the community (first-time entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, experienced and serial entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, employees of startups, service providers to startups, and employees of large companies) can engage in.

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Startup Inverview

The stories behind the startups. A special view on startup founders and their life as an entrepreneur in Düsseldorf. We blog the stories @ StartupDorf and our channels. Want to share your startup story? Get interviewed!

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Düsseldorf Calendar

Find all the upcoming startup and entrepreneurial events in Düsseldorf! You can add your own entrepreneurial events. We are always open for event cooperations and love to promote events in and around Düsseldorf.

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Mentor Program

We are bringing together experts who had success with a previous startup, serial entrepreneurs or senior executives with young startups. StartupDorf initiates, supports and manages those thriving connections.

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