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27. July 2014Hanns Tappen0

We are the startup people from Düsseldorf and build a better startup community. More collaboration, less fragmented niche communities. We call it the StartupDorf. And because we are an open community, we founded the first Startup Association for Startups and the whole Startup Eco-System in Düsseldorf. To be a part of StartupDorf e.V. is simple like that. Founders, Volunteers, Mentors, Angels and our Supporting Companies for all of them we provide a membership. And yes it is the first Association (Verein) in Germany who is doing that.

StartupDorf e.V. has an ambition:

“To flourish a breeding ground for entrepreneurship in Düsseldorf”

Come on and join to follow our vision:

“Düsseldorf is an awesome Startup Hub, for entrepreneurs of the 21th century”


Hanns Tappen

Hanns Tappen is the initiator and founding chairman of StartupDorf e.V. With betawerke.de, he advises at the intersection of startups with corporates and builds products for the startup ecosystem. In addition, he has been a mentor, coach, angeladvisor for founders* and startups for more than 10 years. As a startup evangelist Hanns is active in various boards, initiatives and startup programs as well as jury's.

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StartupDorf e.V.
Speditionstraße 15a
40221 Düsseldorf

+49 (211) 176 072 93
(answering machine)

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