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Welcome to the StartupDorf Membership Application as a Startup!

A few important notes:

  • This form should only be completed and submitted by a legal representative of your startup — often one of the founders during the early stage.
  • After submitting your application, it undergoes an approval process, aiming to welcome your startup as a new member and feature it on our website.
  • The founder completing this application will receive a StartupDorf user account. With this, you can manage your startup profile and communicate within our network.
  • Please ensure that the provided email address corresponds to your startup's domain (e.g., "name"@startupdorf.com). This facilitates the validation process and ensures seamless communication.
  • Your user account will be activated once the approval process for your membership is positively concluded.

Thank you for your interest in StartupDorf. We look forward to collaborating! By Founders, for Founders!

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ex. https://mastodon.social/@startupdorf/

Startup Requirements

Any innovative startup with a digital product or platform can become a member of StartupDorf if they have a scalable business model, high growth potential, founders who are significantly involved, headquarters in the Düsseldorf district, and are less than 72 months old.

Note: Agencies and consultancies offering services are typically not considered StartupDorf startups and cannot apply for a free membership.

I can confirm our tech and digital orientation as a startup as follows (text).
The startup, as represented by the signatory, confirms that it is an innovative startup with a digital product or platform. This is based on its scalable business model, (*high) growth potential, and significant involvement of its founders. Furthermore, the startup has its headquarters (HQ) located in the Düsseldorf administrative district and is less than 72 months old as of the date of application. The startup also affirms that it is neither an agency nor a consultancy and does not intend to, or currently, generate its primary revenue through related individualized activities (e.g., client projects) - *also applicable to sustainable growing business models.
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Motivation - Program - Participation

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Why do you wish to join StartupDorf? Beyond your startup's perspective, your personal reasons matter to us. Remember, membership in StartupDorf is more than just filling out a form. Max. 450
Which of our event formats, programs, and opportunities are you aware of and interested in? Please mark all that apply.
Are you aware that our association (club) can provide its offerings thanks to the active participation of founders like you?
Would you like to support the 'By Founders, For Founders' mindset through your active participation in the association (club)?
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Purpose - Privacy - Statutes

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