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ParkEfficient Parkplätze. Digital.

The ParkEfficient App helps companies to achieve 140% utilization of their parking space – without risky overbooking, but with an intelligent allocation system.

Company Overview

    • B&W2 Consulting UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
    • Düsseldorf
    • IT Consulting
    • Founded: 2017
    • Florian Bosch, Konstantin Wilms, Maximilian Wilms
    • URL:

Our product is an app that can be individually adapted to the needs of our customers. Parking management in companies is often a complex problem, which depends strongly on the organizational form, location and accessibility of the parking spaces.
The majority of companies offer their employees a very limited number of parking spaces, which are allocated according to the principles of fixed allocation or limited access. This inevitably means that up to 40% of the parking spaces are not optimally utilised every day, for example due to holidays, business trips, illness or mobile work.
In addition, there are major differences with regard to the leasing/subsidisation of parking spaces: While some companies rent parking spaces/access areas for a whole year, others rely on monthly debits or individual models.
We offer unique solutions for unique cases.
For each corporate customer, a profile is created that can only be accessed by employees. Modular features are then added. Depending on requirements, parking tickets can be offered on a monthly or daily basis and can be purchased free of charge or for a fee. Costs can be billed via the app or via a link to the customer’s payroll accounting system.
With ParkEfficient, employees on long waiting lists have the option of using the company’s own parking spaces. No more time is wasted on cost-intensive parking searches in large cities.
The data collected by the ParkEfficient App enables daily forecasts to be made. For an occupancy rate of up to 140%.

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