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heydeal Deals, Angebote & Schnäppchen

We use our intelligent technology to find thousands of today’s best deals.

Company Overview

    • heydeal UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
    • 40591 Düsseldorf
    • Online Shopping
    • Founded: 2016
    • Peter Dimsic
    • URL: https://www.heydeal.de/


At heydeal we believe that bargain hunting is a hassle. Time wasting searches, pseudodiscounts, and expired deals have each contributed to obsolete user experience that does not match today’s needs. Even though price comparisons and deal communities deliver a useful toolkit for advanced users, the average consumer quickly feels overwhelmed.

For us and billions of other people all over the world saving money while shopping is an essential part of life. And while important trends such as mobile commerce are on the rise, information efficiency and price transparency have flattened in the dotcom age.

heydeal is an early-stage privately held startup founded in 2016 in Düsseldorf (Germany). In its current form its service is listing a daily selection of deals from our merchant partners such as Amazon, Cyberport, Otto, and many more. By using tomorrow’s technology in big data, machine learning, and predictive analytics our team of visionary experts will soon create an intelligent algorithm capable of finding hidden price reductions. Our ultimate aim is to publish the most complete up-to-date deal app available. All that with zero editorial effort or manual interventions, making it internationally scalable.

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