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A.IX Capital So investiert man heute.

Smart digital investments that accompany the investor in all market phases.

Company Overview

A.IX Capital is a leading provider of intelligent digital investment strategies. Our focused approach allows the conception of active index-based investment strategies for private investors and pros.

A.IX Capital as a bank independent company advises institutional investors, financial institutions and family offices on the implementation of automated investment strategies and on the selection of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).

With the A.IX Factor Fund, A.IX Capital offers a simple, reliable method for successful long-term investing. Free from emotions and based on rules and Active Indexing – the methodology at the heart of the A.IX Factor Fund – the fund adjusts its asset allocation according to the dominant market position. We are convinced that the cost-optimized and broadly diversified investment offers a strong added value for our customers.

Our concepts and processes are based on current insights from capital market research, both in Europa and the US. We have put them on our unique technical platform that implements these results and makes the necessary investment decisions automatically.

Our algorithms have the ability to learn and thereby secure that results do not only look good in back testing results of the past but will adapt to new challenges the markets bring in the future.

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