Developing games and virtual experiences since 2013

Frame6 develops video and board games as well as virtual visualizations for industry and architecture.

Company Overview

    • Frame6 GbR
    • 40629 Düsseldorf
    • Video Games
    • Founded: 2013
    • Sebastian Kreutz, Julian Reinartz
    • URL:



What we do

We develop games for PC and Mac as well as for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. We also provide our know-how and skills to other companies who wish to distribute part of their projects to external resources.

Our goal is to create meaningful, quality games with a creative twist and an independent spirit. But we also believe that content isn’t king, the player is. Thus, our highest principle is to treat our community with fair respect.

What our company culture is

Delivering creative games to our audience requires us to provide a creative work environment where artists, programmers, designers and everyone else involved share the same status and importance. We pay all coworkers alike, but we expect self-dependent teamplayers instead of strong egos in return. Our goal is to raise a company whose products mirror the passion and work culture of the people behind it.

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