Logo 180° Sicherheit

180° Sicherheit Alarmanlage geht auch anders.

Mit dem Live-Einbruchschutz von 180° Sicherheit können Täter während eines Einbruchs per Fernüberwachung lautstark angesprochen werden. Dadurch wird das Zeitfenster der Täter minimiert und größerer Schaden kann verhindert werden.


Logo A.IX Capital

A.IX Capital So investiert man heute.

Smart digital investments that accompany the investor in all market phases.

Logo Aamsel

Aamsel Mit Aamsel kann JEDER, der ein Smartphone bedienen kann, eine Business-App in kurzer Zeit erstellen – ohne Programmierkenntnisse und ohne Kostenrisiko.

Aamsel is developing a mobile form kit to help individuals and companies collect data with their mobile devices, send digital receipts to customers and visualise the resulted data.

Logo aconno GmbH

aconno GmbH IoT and Industry 4.0 made easy

Develop smart and connected IoT and Industry 4.0 devices with aconno’s toolkit – we help you to create rapid prototypes and support you all the way to mass production.

Logo ad_infinitum

ad_infinitum Reducing online advertising costs for retailers by 20%. Guaranteed.

ad_infinitum substantially reduces advertising costs for online retailers by letting its algorithms participate in advertising auctions on behalf its customers.

Logo aifora

aifora Collaborate. Predict. Automate.

aifora enables retailers and brands to optimize their prices and inventory across sales channels and to automate the underlying processes.


Logo ParkEfficient

ParkEfficient Parkplätze. Digital.

The ParkEfficient App helps companies to achieve 140% utilization of their parking space – without risky overbooking, but with an intelligent allocation system.


BRICKSPACES We enable temporary brick and mortar

BRICKSPACES is the biggest marketplace for short-time pop-up spaces and locations in the German-speaking area.

Logo Cognigy

Cognigy VOICE & CHAT AI Use Chatbots, Alexa, Robots and VR to enhance your customer experience within minutes rather than days

Cognigy #NLP HighTech Startup provides a centralized, multi channel, self-learning conversation engine



Einfach ihre neue Heizung finden

Kesselheld makes it easy to buy a new individualized heating system online.



Logo Behördenarzt.de

Behördenarzt.de Ärzte für Behörden finden!

Behördenarzt.de is an innovative company in the health care sector and specializes in the quick and easy provision of medical personnel for official assignments.

Logo Dayblizz

Dayblizz Create Memories Together

Dayblizz is a social content sharing platform for networking and creating, sharing and monetizing content.


Logo Dentalheld

Dentalheld DAS Vergleichsportal für Zahnarztmaterialien

The comparison platform for dental materials including a fully automated shopping basket optimization.


DERMANOSTIC Hautarzt per App

With the Dermanostic-app you receive a diagnosis, therapy recommendation and a prescription from your dermatologist within 24 hours.



Innovatives B2B Content Marketing mit Kundenreferenzen

B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for service providers (e.g. consulting, IT) for the creation and marketing of customer references & case studies