Meet our Unicorn Pitch Grand Final sponsors – and why StartupDorf values this village solidarity so much

As the Unicorn Pitch Grand Final approaches, we are pleased to thank a number of sponsors who are also members of the association – StartupDorf e.V.. What they all have in common is their commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the startup community in Düsseldorf and beyond. We are grateful for their support and would like to highlight some of our sponsors.

Philipp Schuch, CEO of Gradar a Düsseldorf-based scale-up: “We are happy to support the dedicated work of StartupDorf and the Düsseldorf startup scene year after year. Keep it up!” Gradar is an important supporter of StartupDorf and its events and we are grateful for their continued support.

Christian Wenzel, CEO of Venture Lab, believes it is important to foster a culture of giving in the startup community. “I am grateful for the opportunity to give back and support young startups that will shape the future of our industry,” he says. Venture Lab is a major supporter of the Unicorn Pitch Grand Final and also serves as a judge on the Unicorn Pitch Jury.

Mathis Breuer, partner at HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER, also understands the importance of supporting innovative ideas and technologies. “This is what my legal work is about every day,” he says. “Nothing is closer to my heart than supporting the brilliant grand finale of the Unicorn Pitch Series 2022 on March 1 and the Unicorn Pitch Series 2023 with HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER and being there when the best founders and most exciting ideas compete for the Unicorn Trophy.” With his support, Mathis is also creating for the next Unicorn Pitch Series 2023 what startup clubs like StartupDorf always rave about: Connectivity and continuity, which also leads to better planning.

Carsten Lenz, CEO of S&P Werbeartikel, is looking forward to meeting the courageous founders who are shaping the future of the startup scene. “I am very much looking forward to meeting the courageous founders in person and actively supporting them – it is important to me that they directly experience the benefits of a good network: Exchange of experiences, motivation and inspiration!

Dr. Patrick Müller from Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek knows how important it is to support local start-ups and hidden champions. His role as a juror at the grand finale is underscored by a generous in-kind sponsorship. “The StartupDorf Unicorn Pitch Nights are an important and exciting initiative to promote local hidden champions. Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek is very happy to support this initiative, also as a sponsor!”

We are grateful for the support of these and many other sponsors who are committed to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the startup community.

Without their support, events like the Unicorn Pitch Grand Final would not be possible.

Our Unicorn Pitch Grand Final sponsors:

A.IX Capital – Fabian Braun
betawerke – Hanns Tappen
Boden Rechtsanwälte – Martin Boden
DGVO – Renè Feicks
Gradar – Philipp Schuch
OVHcloud – Alexander Grau
S&P Werbeartikel – Carsten Lenz
VENTURE LABS – Christian Wenzel

“Village solidarity” in the StartupDorf: According to our business model (typical startupers at work 😉 ), the life cycle of a startup in the association ideally leads to a startup becoming an active supporter, promoter and event or program sponsor of the StartupDorf after a certain period of time, ideally after just a few years of club membership. This is the case with the examples of Gradar with Philipp Schuch and Venture Lab with Christian Wenzel, both of which started as startups with a free membership and today also support the association with sponsorship as sustaining members. However, this model is still in need of some momentum and a few imitators, as the association and event organization and all the associated legwork is done by the association’s board itself. Without this intense commitment, the association would not be able to continue to organize such important events for the entire startup ecosystem, as the association still manages and has managed without any significant (government) funding.

Looking to the future, it is hoped that over time, the startups that benefit from the resources and opportunities of the StartupDorf will become active supporters and sponsors of the association, thus becoming the second strong pillar alongside the association’s established supporting members. “It is a model that allows us to continue to provide valuable support to the startup ecosystem and ensure the sustainability of our programs and events,” says Hanns Tappen, Chairman of StartupDorf e.V. and also a sponsor with betawerke – discover the startup way.



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