6 Questions for Jenna Davis – Interview with the Life in Düsseldorf founder

1. March 2021Hanns Tappen0
What product do you offer and who is it for?
I offer internationals and expats the opportunity to easily and quickly settle into their new lives here in Germany. Life in Düsseldorf offers a number of free resources for our readers, but also offer an extensive welcome program that helps take them through the immigration and settling in process step-by-step together.
What problem do you want to solve?
Settling into a new country can be exhausting, terrifying, and yet exciting all at the same time. Settling into a new life in Germany however, often brings a number of curve balls. German bureaucracy can be tough even for the average German, imagine what that’s like for a newcomer who hasn’t even learned the language yet! Life in Düsseldorf solves this problem by seamlessly supporting international newcomers on all the steps of their immigration journey.
What dream / vision are you pursuing?
We recently expanded to create a program for not just newcomers in Düsseldorf, but for all internationals moving here to Germany. It is my vision that within the next 2-3 years at least 25% of the English speakers moving to Germany will have joined our program. This program does not just support individuals, but can take some serious stress off of HR departments and relocation agents as well.
What new hires / new team members are needed in the short term?
We are constantly building up our team of volunteers and are always looking for new writers, IT passionate people, and marketing experts to join our growing team.
What’s next for you and your team? Any big plans that you can share with us?
We have just rolled out our "Life in Germany Welcome Program". Once we have the first experience in spring 2021, we hope to start reaching out to larger organizations to create some exciting new collaborations!
Looking back on your early startup days – would you do anything differently?
Life in Düsseldorf grew through the simple need for English content about settling here in Düsseldorf, however, when it was initially launched, there were no intentions to generate any profit, it was simply to help and be used as a free resource. The response was incredible and the demand for new content and advice far outgrow the resources I had working as a volunteer building up the site. I wish even though it was a passion project, that I had of had a concrete financial plan before getting started.
Thank you very much for the interview, Jenna! We congratulate you for the work you have put into your heart’s project and wish you every success with your new program “Life in Germany“. We would be happy to forward interested HR departments and relocation agencies directly to you!!

Btw, Jenna recently put her expat experience into a program and now offers it through LifeinGermany.com. There she shows expats coming to Germany how they can save thousands of euros and move easier and faster, so they can focus on the beautiful parts of being an expat!  Great stuff, we think. Our supporting members who regularly bring expats to the beautiful Rhineland should definitely get in touch with Jenna.✌️👍

Hanns Tappen

Hanns Tappen is the initiator and founding chairman of StartupDorf e.V. With betawerke.de, he advises at the intersection of startups with corporates and builds products for the startup ecosystem. In addition, he has been a mentor, coach, angeladvisor for founders* and startups for more than 10 years. As a startup evangelist Hanns is active in various boards, initiatives and startup programs as well as jury's.

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