Gründerstammtisch Düsseldorf

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This event is running from 7 January 2015 until 6 December 2017. It is next occurring on 04/01/2017 19:30

  • Venue: HDM
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Founders, Startup People, Corporate Expats and international entrepreneurs are very welcome. Conversation in English and German.

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  • open-house from 1930, watch for ‘startup people’ near to the entrance area in the lobby bar or in the conference room, where we start on 2000 with a 1h-program
    • Part 1: Talk, Startup Presentation, Open-Mic, … (60 – 90 min in stylish conference room)
    • Part 2: Networking, Easy, Founder meets ***, (till 23:00 in stylish hotel bar hotel in the lobby with lounge)
  • casual, easy conversation about startup life, entrepreneurship, new ventures, …
  • a simple startup drinkabout, with some free beer for startup people
  • no online registration or StartupDorf e.V. membership is needed – tweets or fb comments highly appreciate
  • our typical guest: founder, startup people, devs and freelancer from DUS and region Düsseldorf

Unser Gründerstammtisch. Das “Startup People Get Together” im StartupDorf. Keine Registrierung notwendig. Einfach vorbei kommen. In lockerer Atmosphäre die Gründerszene in Düsseldorf kennen lernen. Kennen lernen was andere machen und hören was StartupDorf e.V. für die Startup Community in Düsseldorf unternimmt.